Whatsapp Contact Not Showing [ Solve In 1 Minute ]

Whatsapp Contact Not Showing Numbers Instead of Names in Whatsapp

Hello friends, today I’m going share my knowledge about Whatsapp contact problems. Sometimes our whatsapp does not show our contact name which we shaved in our mobile phones but shows our contact number.

This is a very common problem in WhatsApp and many people suffer from this contact name issue. One morning or any time of day you open your WhatsApp and you are seeing that all the contact names are being changed into numbers that time you did not understand what you should do.

Whatsapp Contact Not showing Numbers Instead of Names in Whatsapp

If there is a number instead of the name, there is no problem even if the person’s DP images show. Then we can massage him by seeing his/her image. But if someone has changed their Whats-App DP to flower or something else, then we do not understand how to massage that person. Because in this mobile revolutionary world, we forgot to remember the mobile numbers of our friends or family. We are fully dependent on our mobile. So we sometimes fall into some such problem.

Let me tell you that by using some of the Whatsapp tips and tricks, We can solve this contact name problem in a minute. Well, I have made a video on this topic, and it’s on YouTube. If you want to watch this video then you can see it below.

Watch This Video To Solve Whatsapp Contact Not Showing in 2023

Let’s start how to fix this contact problem issue.

  1. First, open our mobile phone settings.
  2. Go to your Installed App setting.
  3. Now find WhatsApp and open it.
  4. Now go to permission manager or App permission.
  5. Accept all permission that Whatsapp wants to access.
  6. Otherwise, accept only contact permission.
  7. Save all these settings.
  8. Now back to your mobile screen.
  9. Open your Whatsapp.
  10. Find the Refresh button and refresh it.
  11. If there is no refresh button then simply close WhatsApp and open it again.
  12. All contact names will show.

That’s it. After this, your all saved contact name will show in your Whatsapp. This trick works almost 90% of mobile in this world but sometimes this method not working with some mobile, In that case, you have to simply try this method. It will definitely work.

  • Uninstall your Whatsapp
  • Download a new one from the google play store
  •  Install it
  • When you registered your mobile number make sure to accept all terms & conditions and don’t deny any of the permission
  • It’s done.
  • But your all previous message will be deleted.

Friends this Whatsapp trick will definitely work and your contact name will be shown in your Whatsapp. I hope that the problem of your contact name may have been solved and you are able to see your contact name on your Whatsapp. I tried my best to help you overcome this problem with my knowledge.

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