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App Lock is the best way to protect your privacy from anyone. You can save your privacy from being stolen by using this app lock. It is common practice to steal someone’s privacy during this period of the internet. In today’s era, people used to misuse them by stealing someone’s private photo or video. In this way, people need to be very careful. Especially the mobile phones user.

Today everyone has their own android mobile phone. In which we keep all our photo video documents etc. Many of these photos or documents are private to us, which can not be displayed in front of everyone. In such a case, if it is stolen, it will prove very dangerous for us. People use a lot of applock to lock their private photos or video. That’s a very good thing. But for those who do not know about these apps, I have prepared something special for them.

In today’s era, especially your own friends cheat you. In this way, you need to lock your mobile phone. So that you too would not be trapped in their trap like those people. If you keep your mobile locked, a good app lock will increase your chances that your information will not be stolen.

By using these Best Android App Lock, you can save your phone data from being stolen.

Fingerprint App Lock For Android & iOS

Fingerprint Applock is the best way to lock your Android mobile. Through this application, you can make your mobile phone more secure than ever before. The special thing about this app lock is that it will only open with your finger. No other person will be able to open it. If your mobile is ever lost then your mobile data will not be stolen. And you will stay tension-free.

Fingerprint App Lock For Android & iOS

In today’s Android era, almost all mobile phones have fingerprint app locks. You all turn on this fingerprint app lock so that there is no shortage in your privacy.

It is also easy to use it. Nowadays you can also use multiple fingers in this app lock. We have given links to some fingerprint app locks below. All of you can download it through this link. You can also download these fingerprint app locks from the Play Store. You will find many fingerprint app locks on the Play Store which are easy to use.

Gallery Applock For Android & iOS

If you have only photos and videos on your mobile and there is nothing else then you can then use the Gallery applock. The special thing about this application is that it will hide the photo of your gallery. The special feature of this application is that it will hide the photo of your gallery, if someone will go to your gallery, then they will not get the photo because it will be all hide.

Gallery App lock For Android & iOS

The advantage of using this application is that if you give your phone to anyone, then it will not be able to see your photo or video. The special thing about this applock is that you can install it easily. If you do not need this application you can also uninstall it.

There are many app lockers that are installed but when you want to remove them from your mobile, they do not get deleted. In this case, you should download such Gallery Lock from a verified place. You can download this app lock from the Play Store app store. The link to this gallery app lock is given below for you. You can download this gallery applock by this link.

Video Applock For Android & iOS

With the help of this video applock you can hide your video. The special thing about this application is that it will not let your video happen. You can use it according to your need. If you want to hide all the videos. Or a selected video gets all the work done from this video lock app.

Video Applock For Android & iOS

Many times people keep some such videos on their mobile which they can not show in front of anyone. In this way, you will need to this video app lock. This application will make your work easier and you will not be embarrassed in front of anyone. You can download this video lock from the Play Store. If you want, you can download it from any other Android platform. We’ve given the link to this video applock below so, that you do not have any problem downloading it.

Password App Lock For Android & iOS

With the help of Password AppLock, you can secure your Android mobile. This lock application is completely different from any other applock. With this application, you can lock the phone according to your need. You can put it in the contact detail. So whenever anyone or your friend wants to see the contact details of your mobile, they can not see it. They can blackmail you through it.

Password App Lock For Android & iOS

You can use this password applock anywhere on your mobile. You can lock your mobile browser, file manager, gallery, contact detail, massage, etc. through this password lock application. At these places have your private information videos and photos. It is your job to save them so, that they are not public.

You can make your phone more secure with this password applock. You do not need to do anything more about this. Just pick up your mobile and download this password app lock. We have given you a link to the application below. You can download it through this link.

Pattern Applock For Android & iOS

With this applock you can easily lock your mobile. This app lock works just like the security applock. After locking this applock it is impossible to open the mobile for another. This application works over the pattern. Which if you start once, then your mobile is 100% safe.

Pattern Applock For Android & iOS

The special thing about this pattern lock application is that you can easily open it but other people will sweat. And one particular thing is that in this app lock, once it tampers with 4 to 5 times or the automatic locks from 30 seconds to 1 minute. No person can deceive this app lock.

This pattern app lock will work on your phone’s screen. No other person will be able to operate your mobile. You can download this pattern lock application from the Play Store or any other app store. But you do not have to go there. Because the download link of this Pattern Applock is given below. You can download this app lock via this link.

Photo Locker For Android & iOS

From this applock you can hide your personal photo from your phone. Photo locker is one of the best ways to hide your private photo. Through this application, you can hide any photos from your android mobile phone. This application is very popular for hiding photos. Photo locker gives you full security. After using applock you can feel very light.

Photo Locker For Android & iOS

Don’t worry about your personal photo. Leave tension on this photo locker. It will handle all your problems.

App lock For iPhone

By the way, the iPhone does not need an applock. Still, some people want to download app lock for it. So, we have also given some applock applications for the iPhone. By downloading you can increase the iPhone’s security potential further. So, that your mobile data will not be stolen.

Using these applock, you can secure your private video photos and documents. More app lock for iPhone is not available yet we have searched for some security lock applications for you. Which you can use in your iPhone. You can make the iPhone completely safe by using these applock.

How to download these applock?

It is easy to download these app locks. We’ve given a download link below each applock. As you click, you will go to that page of that app lock. From there you can download these app locks. The complete information of that app is given on these pages. After reading, you can use that app properly.

All the apps lock we have told you about is a download button below. When you click, you will go to the related page. Where you will find lots of app locks from it. There may be some applock that you have never heard about. All these apps have the same thing to protect your personal data. You can protect your private data by using these applock. So, quickly download it without delay.

Advantage of these applock

There are so many benefits to using it. This allows you to further enhance the security of your Android mobile. I’ve seen a lot of people who do not pay attention to the security of their mobile. But when their phone is lost or stolen, they get nervous. If such people use these app lock applications then such a situation will not arise. Because in this situation their mobile data will not be stolen, it will be completely safe. If they use these app locks then.

In today’s era, almost everyone has an Android mobile. People keep personal video photos and documents on their mobiles. Many people save their bank details such as account number usernames passwords, even ATM PINs on mobile. But many of these people do not provide the security of these app locks to their mobile phones. Nowadays Android mobile already has App Lock available. In such a situation, it is necessary to turn it on. After that, your mobile will not completely safe, but 50 percent will definitely be safe.

If your mobile does not have lock protection then you can use these app locks. There are so many benefits to using it. You will not need to worry as you do before the mobile is lost or stolen. Because thieves will not be able to open your mobile. In this way, your personal data will be completely safe. If any of your friends or relatives took your mobile, it will not be able to do anything with your data. In such a way, these app locks will be very effective for you.

Disadvantage of these applock

Everything has two sides, good and bad. In the same way, using these app locks is both advantages and disadvantages. Many times, after installing these app locks, people get mobile slows. A lot of people also say that as soon as they started using it. Their mobile started to hang. People also say that sometimes their mobile is restarted since they have started using these app locks. Many people have complained that this app lock sometimes does not work right.

I want to clearly tell you all that this can happen. But there are a lot of reasons behind this. Just like when you install these app locks, an application asks for some permissions. If you have been denying the application will not work properly. Many times this is all due to the low mobile processing capacity. Many people install many kinds of apps, due to the lack of space on mobile. In this situation, your mobile may be hung or slow.

There are so many reasons that the problem arises when using this app lock. If you carefully observe these things as above I have given examples, then this problem will never happen with you. In the same way, you have to keep updating these app locks as well. So, that you get a new version of it. Keep these things in mind, you can get rid of these problems.

About this app lock page

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You can download various types of app lock applications from here. All these applications are absolutely free. You do not need to pay us or anyone else for this. You can download any app lock on your own and use it. All these app locks are available in high quality. So there is no reason to panic.

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