Latest WhatsApp For Windows 7 [ PC, MAC 32-BIT, 64-BIT ]

Do you want to run WhatsApp on your computer or laptop? This is the right time to install WhatsApp on your Windows or Mac.

Download the latest WhatsApp for windows 7 to chatting with your friends and family on the computer. You can also use this WhatsApp for pc windows 8 and 10. Mac users can also able to download it.

On the computer, you can easily chat with your friends or relatives. You can even exchange videos and photos with them.

WhatsApp For Windows 7

Actually, it works like WhatsApp web. This is an extension of what WhatsApp you run on a mobile device.

How To Download WhatsApp For Windows 7

Step 1: Open your Browsers ( Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc. )

Step 2: Search

Step 3: Now Click On Download ( On Navigation Bar )

Step 4: Now Click On DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS ( 64-BIT )

Step 5: Lastly Install in On your PC

Features of WhatsApp For Windows

Like Mobile Whatsapp, there are a lot of features available on Windows pc Whatsapp. Some features are given below.

  • Free messaging
  • Group Messaging
  • Voice Calls
  • Default for Security
  • Share Everything
  • Send Documents
  • Scanning of QR Code
  • Use of Webcam and Microphone
  • Fast Communication
  • Connected with Mobile

Voice Call Facility

With the help of Windows Whatsapp, you can make voice calls with your friends and relatives. Wherever they are, you can hear their voice in a few seconds.

Free Massaging With Your Near & Dear

With Whatsapp for Windows, you can easily exchange messages with your friends, relatives for free. Only you should have an internet connection. Like Mobile, Whatsapp for Windows also provides this feature to you.

Share Everything Through Windows PC WhatsApp

Just like mobile WhatsApp, Windows WhatsApp makes it very easy to share all your happy or sad moments with people who are far or near you.

Send Important Documents World Wide

Working online has become a common thing in today’s era. Many times we have to send our important documents to someone for our work. Or many times we get documents for someone’s work.

In such a situation, WhatsApp became a good medium for this work. With its help, you will be able to send documents anywhere in the world. Earlier we used to do this work by email. But this is a thing of the past now. Nowadays people are giving more importance to WhatsApp rather than email.